OTHER : In Response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
投稿日時: 10-04-2020 13:50:07 (2347 ヒット)

In Response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)


A state of emergency has been issued in Tokyo, Kanagawa, and other several area in Japan on April 7.

By that, NoiseKen will respond as follows.


Period: April 8, 2020-May 29, 2020
    * Period may change depending on the situation.


[About work status]

  • Sales employees work at home.
  • Other employees will shift to working from home as needed.
  • For employees who are difficult to work from home due to their duties, we apply staggered working hours. .
  • Pay close attention to infection prevention and take possible infection prevention measures.


[About exhibitions and seminars]

  • Exhibitions and seminars sponsored by NoiseKen will cancel or postpone.
  • Participation in exhibitions, seminars, and trainings sponsored by partner companies and other external parties will also cancel.


[About correspondence with business partners/ customers]

  • Visits with business partners and customers are prohibited in principle. We will respond by e-mail, mobile phone, and web conference.
  • When meeting with business partners as necessary, pay close attention to infection prevention and may discuss possible infection prevention measures with them.


[About domestic and overseas business trips]

  • Domestic and overseas business trips cancel or postpone.
  • No business trips or visits even in areas where a declaration of a state of emergency has not been issued.


With this measure, some delay of production, delivery and service may occur.
In this case, we will promptly contact the customer and discuss the schedule adjustment and so on.
For inquiries such as delivery date, please contact our homepage inquiry form or sales representative directly.


We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate for your understanding and cooperation.