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Date: 07-11-2019 14:28:28 (2370 Hits)

¡Á After Service and Support status and

 Successor Products Notice ¡Á


Following the enforcement of The Minamata convention on Mercury signed on October 2013, domestic law "the Act on Preventing Environmental Pollution of Mercury" had taken effect on August 16th 2017.
We have thus decided to announce the termination of sales and manufacuture of the Impulse Noise Simulator on May 2020.
If you wish to continue using the Impulse Noise Simulator, we urgy you to consider replacing your Impulse Simulator early.
And we also urge you to replace yours even when you own the latest models (INS-4020/4040, INS-AX2 Series) but expired 8 years afer delivery maintenance period, we may have to decline for repair due to our maintenance policy.


¢£Impulse Noise Simulator sales Terminaiton Notice

Please see after serivce and support status for Electrostatic Discharge Simulator, EFT/Burst Simulator, etc. are following.

 ¢£Electrostatic Discharge Simulator after service and support ¡¡

¡¡status and successor products notice


 ¢£EFT/Burst Simulator after service and support notice


Date: 28-04-2019 17:19:01 (2127 Hits)

We will be closed during following period due to special national holidays.

Monday, April 29th to Monday, May 6th, 2019.


For any enquiries, please fill in your messages to inquiry forms at


We apologize for any inconvenience caused, and thank you for your understanding.

Date: 16-11-2017 17:13:01 (4024 Hits)


 ¢£Advance notice for the end of service support for the discontinued INS series products. 

 For details, refer to the posted document.

Date: 16-11-2017 16:28:15 (3175 Hits)


 ¢£Advance notice for the end of sale of ESS-6000 series products forced by the Japanese law corresponding to The Minamata Convention on Mercury.

For details, refer to the posted document where our company’s basic policy for this issue including the scheduled end of sale date for the ESS-6000 series products is stated.

Date: 18-06-2015 13:26:50 (6574 Hits)

Noise Laboratory Co., Ltd. will discontinue the sale of Discharge Gun models shown below, effective September 30, 2015, due to the discontinued supply of a few of their components:






In and after October 2015, orders for already available GT-30R families (GT-30R/2K/330/3302K) only will be accepted.

Some of the Noiseken ESD Simulator main units cannot work with these guns.

For details, please contact Noise Laboratory or the local distributors.


For servicing, the three models will continue to be supported after September 30, 2015.



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