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Electromagnetic FieldVisualization System EPS-02Ev3高ヒット
   前回更新2020/10/29 10:38    

TEM Horn Antenna THA-380M60G高ヒット
   前回更新2020/8/6 9:33    

TEM Horn Antenna高ヒット
   前回更新2020/4/3 10:41    

The TEM horn antenna is used to perform a near electromagnetic field immunity evaluation test (Proximity immunity test) of electromagnetic waves radiated from wireless transmitters such as mobile phones. In the near future, the near field immunity test using a TEM horn antenna is expected to apply to various product standards such as medical equipment and multimedia equipment. NoiseKen's TEM horn antenna has a wide band, low VSWR, and a wide electric field uniformity property, Provides efficient proximity irradiation immunity tests.

DPI Immunity Testing System高ヒット
   前回更新2020/2/18 9:23    

The DPI immunity test method is an immunity evaluation method for semiconductors (IC) standardized by IEC standards.
This test evaluates immunity by directly injecting RF interference power into the IC power supply on the test board on which the IC to be evaluated is mounted.
In the test, it is necessary to gradually increase the test level (power) for each test frequency and check the performance of the IC each time.
In addition, when a malfunction occurs, it is necessary to record the status of the malfunction, which takes a lot of time and effort.
The NoiseKen's DPI immunity test system performs tests from the start of the test to malfunction determination consistently. This is a revolutionary automation system that saves test time and testers' hands.

Broadband Sleeve Flexible Antenna高ヒット
   前回更新2020/2/17 9:29    

EMC Test Equipment (Automotive Industry)高ヒット
   前回更新2019/11/21 13:09    

EMC Test Equipment高ヒット
   前回更新2019/11/21 13:09    

EFT/B simulator after service and support notice高ヒット
   前回更新2019/11/5 15:15    

Electrostatic Discharge simulator after service and support status and successor product notice高ヒット
   前回更新2019/11/5 11:31    

Impulse Noise simulator Maintenance repair status and successor product notice高ヒット
   前回更新2019/11/1 18:56    

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