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Automatic CDN for impulse noise tester IJ-AT450

The Automated CDN (Model:IJ-AT450) for the impulse noise study is a superimposedunit that can be used to test three-phase AC lines and high-voltage DC lines in combination with the impulse noise tester. By performing remote control from Windows PC using dedicated software, the tester can automatically perform the test such as setting of voltages and applied phase, as well as sequence control.



  • Tests can be performed on three-phase four-wire lines up to AC500V/50A.
  • Testing to the DC-line up to DC250V/50A is also possible.
  • EUT line switch allows the AC/DC line to be shut off.
  • Emergency stop switch to stop the test in case of emergency.


Easy switching of application of phases Time required for setting can be reduced.

In the conventional model, setting the applied phase is troublesome. It was required to switch by using the dedicated coaxial cable and shortplug manually, but using IJ-AT450 simplifies switching and reduces setting times and reduces connection errors.




Simplifying the connection It can reduce the time required to connect

By adopting the outlet panel method, which simplifies the connection of the EUT, the EUT can be easily connected for testing.




Item Specification
input pulse voltage 4kV terminating resistance 50 Ω is connected
EUT power capacity AC: 3-phase, 4-wire (L1, L2, L3, N) 500V / 50A DC:250V / 50A
Input and output terminals Input terminal: Terminal block Output terminal: Terminal block panel
High voltage coaxial connector NMHV type *NoiseKen original
Superimposed phase switching Switching by selection operation *Switching by the front switch of the main unit or remote software.
Zero Cross Detection Detected from between L1-L2
Line protection circuit Mounted with shut-off circuit device *Connectable/releasable input and output
Emergency stop Built-in mushroom-type switch for push-lock and rotation-release
External control Remote control from PC with optical I/F circuit
Power supply AC100 〜 240V 50Hz/60Hz
Operating temperature and humidity range Temperature: 15 to 35° Humidity: 25 to 75%


(W)430×(H)199×(D)540mm Not including protrusions/Approx. 23kg


Remote controlTesting automation reduces testing time and man-hours

Using remote control software, in addition to test parameters such as pulse output voltage, pulse width, polarity, and repetition period, the application mode (common/normal) and applied phase can be set, and the test conditions can be controlled in sequence. This reduces the time and effort required to change the wiring during testing and contributes to shortening the testing time and reducing the number of man-hours.