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Impulse Noise Simulator INS-S220

Impulse Noise Simulator (Semiconductor Relay Type) INS-S220

To Solve the Real Trouble in the Market

Noise simulator can simulate high frequency noise generated ON/OFF at contact point of switch or relay,  arc caused by electric motor. It can evaluate the  resistibility of electric devices.
Pulse contains high frequency and by energy volume is changable by adjusting pulse width. The high reproduction noise test of noise trouble in the market can be conducted.

  • Repetition cycle becomes faster. Due to high repetition, mal-function occurrence rate is up and test time is to be shortened.
  • Pulse width setting becomes easier. : Just by pushing button, pulse width setting is available by 50ns step. Setting time and connection mistake can be reuced.
  • Pulse waveform stability is improved, so high reproduction test is available.
  • Cost is cut down because consuamable parts are reduced.
  • Common mode/normal mode test is easily to switch by short plug.
  • Wiring becomes easier because 50Ω resisitor is built in simulator.
  • AC plug of EUT can be inserted directly by outlet panel.(option)
  • Various tests are available by using different probes and coupling clamp.(option)
  • EUT test with 3 phase 5 lines is available by external CDN.(option)



To solve the trouble in the market high frequency, energy volum of test pulse can be ajustable

Even narrow pulse with 50ns-100ns width contains less energy,  twice fast transient due to rise and fall and inducted coupling occurred by sharp electromagnetic field effect electric circuit greatly.
Wide pulse with 800ns-1000ns contains more energy, so voltage fluctuation is easily to effect circuit.
The rise time of impulse simulator is faster than IEC61000-4-4 fast transient/burst test, so spectrum is high. When it injects noise to EUT, noise is easier to invade electric circuit internally.
Spectrum and amplitude is different  due to Impulse width, so it is recommended to test with different pulse width.



 Test reproduction is improved. More quantitative test is available.

The usual mercury relay changes into semiconductor relay, so test pulse stabability is improved. More quantitative and high reproduction test is available. Also, waveform distortion due to mercury relay's deterioration.


Mal-function rate is up. Test time is to be shortened.

The repetition of pulse in test is faster than the old product. Mal-function rate is up and test time is expected to be shortened.

Setting is simplified. Setting time is shortened.

It is troubesome to change the special coxial cables manually in old way. Setting time and connection mistake can be reduced because setting can be operated by button. requires for manually switch dedicated coaxial cables.


Cost is cut down. Consumable parts are reduced

We adopt semiconductor type relay instead of the mercuray relay in old type.
Also, cost on consumable exchange is reduced because pulse width setting cable (consumable) is no longer needed.

Connection is simplified. Connection time is shortened.

Outlet panel to which EUT is easyily to be connected is adopted.
EUT is easy to connect by using outlet panel (option) complying to each country's socket shape. 

Noise countermeasurement is easy. The malfunction generating position can be identified.

From power supply line, signal line, harness, enclosure to PCB, various noise  injection options are ready. The malfunction generating position is easy to identify.


Parameter Specification
Pulse setting range Output voltage : 0.50kV 〜 0.99kV ±10% 0.01kV step
Pulse width : 100ns 〜 1000ns ±10% 50ns step
Variable : 1ms 〜 999 ms ±10% 1ms step
Pulse setting range Output voltage : 1.00kV 〜 2.00 kV ±10% 0.01kV step
Pulse width : 50ns 〜 1000 ns ±10% 50ns step
Variable : 10ms 〜 999 ms ±10% 1ms step
Output voltage 0.5〜2.00kV±10% (10V step)
Polarity Positive / Negative
Rise time 3ns Max
Putput impedance 50Ω
Termination resistance 50Ω
Pulse repetition mode
LINE PHASE 50Hz/60Hz injection phase angle 0〜 360° ±10°(1° step) Synchronized with L-N of superimposed power supply

1ms 〜 999ms ±10%(Pulse setting range  

10 ms 〜 999ms ±10%(Pulse setting range ◆

EXT TRIG Operation cycle:10ms Min.  Pulse width:1ms Min.  Input level:TTL/Open collector negative logic
Select LINE PHASE mode, recognized as an external CDN zero-crossing sync signal when there is an input of 16 to 20 ms
1 SHOT Single output each time the 1 SHOT switch is pressed. Synchronized output at set phase angle in PHASE mode
Memory capacity 5 tests
Operating time 1s 〜 999s ±10% 1s step
Superposition phase switching L(+), N(−), PE / PULSE OUT ※Manual switching by coaxial cables
Superposition mode Common mode / Normal modeコ ※Manual switching by short plugs
EUT power capacity Single phase AC240V / DC125V 16A  (L(+), N(−), PE)
Power source/Power consumption
AC100 〜 240V 50Hz/60Hz
Operating temperature/Humidity range 15 to 35℃/25〜75%
(W)430×(H)249×(D)540mm(Does not include protrusions)/Approx. 20kg
High voltage coaxial connector NMHV NoiseKen custom
Accessories Coaxial cables 30cm(02-00013A):2, SG setting short plugs(02-00106A):1, SG cables(05-00103A):1, Outlet Panels:1, AC cables:1, Instruction manuals:1, Accessories bags:1