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EMC Test Equipment Catalogue 2021高ヒット
   カテゴリー01. General Catalog    前回更新2020/4/9 15:00    

TEM Horn Antenna高ヒット
   カテゴリー06. Others    前回更新2020/4/3 10:41    

The TEM horn antenna is used to perform a near electromagnetic field immunity evaluation test (Proximity immunity test) of electromagnetic waves radiated from wireless transmitters such as mobile phones. In the near future, the near field immunity test using a TEM horn antenna is expected to apply to various product standards such as medical equipment and multimedia equipment. NoiseKen's TEM horn antenna has a wide band, low VSWR, and a wide electric field uniformity property, Provides efficient proximity irradiation immunity tests.

Impulse Noise Simulator INS-S220高ヒット
   カテゴリー03. FNS,INS    前回更新2020/3/31 9:28    

Noise simulator can simulate high frequency noise generated ON/OFF at contact point of switch or relay, arc caused by electric motor. It can evaluate the resistibility of electric devices.
Pulse contains high frequency and by energy volume is changable by adjusting pulse width. The high reproduction noise test of noise trouble in the market can be conducted.

No.1 〜 No.3 is displayed (49 all files) (1) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... 17 »