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The INS Series products cannot be shipped to customers located in EU member countries, as they contain a mercury switch and cannot be RoHS directive compliant.

This end of sale notice does not apply to customers outside of EU countries. 


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Our latest catalog is available now.



"EMC Tests Equipment Catalog 2017" (for consumer products, industrial equipment and electronic components)


● Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Simulator

● Components Level Electrostatic  Discharge (ESD) Simulator

●  Noise Simulator

●  Fast Transient/Burst Simulator

●  Lightning Surge Simulator

●  Voltage Dip & Swell Simulator

●  Damped oscillatory Wave Simulators

●  Emission Measurement Systems / Resistor Current Noise Tester

●  RF Test System

●  EMC Test Systems for Automotive Electronics




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Noise Laboratory Co., Ltd. will discontinue the sale of Discharge Gun models shown below, effective September 30, 2015, due to the discontinued supply of a few of their components:






In and after October 2015, orders for already available GT-30R families (GT-30R/2K/330/3302K) only will be accepted.

Some of the Noiseken ESD Simulator main units cannot work with these guns.

For details, please contact Noise Laboratory or the local distributors.


For servicing, the three models will continue to be supported after September 30, 2015.



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You can receive free "FAQ for Electro-Static Discharging Test"  after answering a brief questionnaire.  Please send a blank e-mail to and we will send you a questionnaire.


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