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Test Lab. Funabashi

The measurement and consultation service center


We have been offering to our customers technical consultation services to solve their transient immunity related problems since very early period of the company history. It is based on the company philosophy to serve the industry with the highest professionalism that we not only provide test equipment but also appropriate recommendations or troubleshooting.


In January 1995, the activity for this consultation field expanded to the other EMC field, emission measurement and its solution, by acquiring one of the largest private test facilities in Japan. Soon after the acquisition we built an RF fully anechoic chamber, too, to conduct radiated immunity testing to 61000-4-3.


Now Test Lab Funabashi meets all your testing needs under one roof ranging from NoiseKen traditional Pulsed EMI, Emission, to radiated immunity testing. Trust our renewed test facilities coupled with the experience for over 25 years. The highest level of testing and measurement technique and solution know-how are sure to be of service to you.