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Fast Transient Burst Simulator FNS-AX3 A16C/B50C

Fast Transient Burst Simulator FNS-AX3 Series

Conforming to IEC 61000-4-4 edition 3 (2012) & Amendment 1 (2010) to edition 2

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  1. 4.8kV maximum peak voltage
  2. 2MHz pulse repetition rate
  3. Reverse polarity per burst
  4. Automatic ramp operation
  5. Manual, IEC level and sequence modes
  6. Touch panel color LCD
  7. Easy to access control panel
  8. Screen characters available in English, Chinese or Korean



Parameters FNS-AX3-A16C FNS-AX3-B50C
Output voltage 200 to 4800V 
Pulse parameters at 50 ohm Pulse rise time 5ns ±30%,    Pulse width 50ns ±30% *1 
Pulse parameters at 1k ohm Pulse rise time 5ns ±30%,    Pulse width 35 ns to 150 ns  *1 
Polarity Positive, negative, polarity change burst by burst 
Pulse frequency 0.1kHz to 2MHz  *1  
Burst duration 1 to 1000 pulses or continuous  1 pulse per 1ms burst period  
Burst period 10 to 1000 ms ±10%, 10ms step 
Continuous mode operation 10 KHz max (0.2 to 1kV) 
Dynamic output  impedance 50 ohms 
Output connector Coaxial (PULSE OUT)  
Coupling/DC blocking capacitor 33nF/10nF  
Frequency modulation 0 to -10% of setting 
Timer (test duration) 1s to 9h 59m 59s
10 minutes max in the "continuous" and alternate polarity modes 
External trigger

 TL down edge

Minimum trigger interval acceptable: 10ms 

Burst timing Non-synchronization Irrelevant to EUT mains frequency 

Synchronizes with the EUT mains frequency

0 to 360 degrees ±10 degrees, 1 degree step
Burst period: 50/60Hz

Internal CDN  85 to 240VAC 16A 50/60Hz
3-wire single-phase
125V DC/16A
85 to 500VAC 50A 50/60Hz
5-wire three-phase
125V DC/50A
Coupling line L, N, PE  L1, L2, L3, N, PE
Coupling mode Common mode 
Dimensions (projection included) (W) 320 x (D)352 x (H)400 mm 
Character display English, Chinese, Korean or Japanese 
Weight Approx. 14 kg  Approx. 19 k

 *1 Pulse specifications guaranteed over 5KHz to 100KHz


Standard Mode

The test specifications called for in the IEC61000-4-4 are preset.  

Manual mode

Self-explanatory graphical representation.  

Parameter settings

Touch parameters that require numerical inputs and a ten-key screen will appear. 

Automatic ramping in MANUAL mode

Output voltage, pulse repetition frequency,
placement phase angle, polarity and coupling line are the parameters, which can be automatically ramped or changed.