ISS-7600 Series

Automotive Transient Surge Simulator Model ISS-7600 Series

conforming to ISO7637-2



--- ISS-7610 (Pulse1, 2a Generator)


--- ISS-7630 (Pulse3a,3b Generator)


--- BP4610 (Pulse2b,4 Generator)


--- ISS-7690 (Coupling Network)



--- ISS-7650 (Pulse5a,5b Generator)





Designed to meet and exceed the testing needs to ISO-7637-2 (2004), NoiseKen ISS-7600 series Automotive Transient Surge Simulator System offers flexible and productive testing facilities.

  • Highly accurate output waveforms
  • Waveforms guaranteed not only at the output terminal of each generator but also at the output terminal of the Coupling Network.
  • Capable of running either as a system or as individual generators.
  • PC Remote Control Software (ISS-7601) can control ISS-7600 through USB interface connection.
  • Supports 12V/24V/42V systems
  • 60V/50A Coupling Network
  • Up to 200A Power supply available.
  • Electric shock-free safety plugs are used for every output terminal.
  • Load resistors meeting the loading conditions (specified in Annex D of the standard)for the verification of the output characteristics optionally available.
  • Equipped with a high accuracy current monitor.  An oscilloscope allows measurement of the current waveform flowing into the DUT. Current and voltage waveforms can be examined at the same time with an oscilloscope since the current monitor output circuit is floating with respect to the SG and FG. The monitor’s frequency response characteristic is from DC to 150kHz.
  • Japanese software is also available.