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Injection unit IJ-4050

The built-in injection circuitry of the INS-S220 has 16A rating for single-phase AC. For test exceeding this current limit or 3-phase application, IJ-4050 shall be used.
This optional unit can extend the EUT supply voltage and current ratings up to 3-phase AC 415V/50A. In conjunction with INS-S220, this unit can operate in the EUT Line Synchronization mode.




Item Model IJ-4050
Impulse input 8kV max when the INS-4020/4040 output is not terminated.
EUT power capacity 3-phase, 5-wire (L1, L2, L3, N, PE) AC415V, 50A
Coupling mode selection By short plug connection
Line Synchronization Detects L1-L2 voltage and outputs synchronization signal from the SYNC OUT connector
Dimensions and weight (W)430 x (H) 200 x (D) 535 mm (Projections excluded)
Approx. 25.0 kgs