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CDN for Interconnection Lines LSS-INJ6401SIG

 CDN for Interconnection Lines Model:LSS-INJ6401SIG

Used for the surge test to interconnection lines defined in IEC61000-4-5 Standard. The EUT power capacity is DC50V/1A and enable to inject the surge to interconnection lines up to 6,600V. 


Possible to bypass inductor (20mH) with connecting the attached connection plug to inductor bypass terminal in DC output. Possible to equip the attached surge protective arrestor between each line and ground. 


Parameters Specifications
Surge input voltage from 500V to 6,600V
EUT power capacity DC50V/1A
Max. line number 4 lines
Decoupling coil 20mH per phase
Matching resistor 40Ω±10%
Dimensions / Mass W488×H456×D550mm Approx. 45kg

* The conversion (05-T1578)cable is needed additionally. 

* Both capacitor coupling and arrestor coupling are possible in LSS-INJ6401SIG. Diode coupling which is defined in IEC61000-4-5 ed.2 (2005) newly
is a test method which assumes the injection of dozens of voltage level surge to interconnection lines. Please contact us if low voltage surge injection is required since the surge injection in LSS-INJ6401SIG can be more than 90V.