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Shielded Test WST-2001


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WST-2001 is the most affordable and easiest
solution if you require a shielded space in your office or laboratory for various applications such as test, measurements or protections. The frame and hood design allows quick assembly, installation and relocation.


  • Quick installation: possible to assemble or disassemble within 10 minutes by two persons
  • High shielding performance: approximately 30dB attenuation from 30MHz to 6,000MHz
  • Air-conditioning free using air-permeability material
  • Easy-folding & Small storage space
  • Easy feed-through power supply or signal line: feed-through type by using the same material of the tent


Dimensions:(W)2.5 x (D)2.5 x (H)2.25m
Internal usable height:(H)1.85m