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Component Level Electrostatic Discharge Simulator ESS-6002/6008

Component Level Electrostatic Discharge Simulator 
MODEL ESS-6002/6008



The ESS-6000 series ESD simulators are testers specifically designed to carry out ESD sensitivity testing of semiconductor devices to standards such as MIL-STD-883, EIAJ ED-4701 and others. Included are the Human Body Model (HBM) and Machine Model (MM) probes. 

As a DUT interface, select either Free Type Probe Stand where virtually any package type can be connected by means of a pair of miniature test leads or Semi-automatic Precision Type Probe Stand providing automatic and precise pin-to-pin feeding with a minimum 0.01mm resolution.

  • 8kV maximum output <ESS-6008>
  • 10V minimum output (1V step) <ESS-6002>
  • A simple probe stand and test fixture plus a pair of miniature test leads meeting many different kinds of device packages <Free Board Type>
  • Narrow pitch DUT can be tested in semi-automatic manner <Semi-automatic Precision Type>
  • Each probe has a coaxial interface with an external measuring instrument.
  • External trigger input and output terminals are provided.





Human Body Model (HBM) Machine Model (MM)
AEC-Q100-002-Rev.E Aug.2013 AEC-Q100-003-REV-E  Jul.2003
IEC 61340-3-1Ed.2.0 2006 IEC 61340-3-2 Ed.2.0-2006
IEC 60749-26 Ed.3.0 2013 IEC 60749-27 Ed.2.0 2006
JEDEC JESD22-A114F Dec 2008 JEDEC JESD22-A115C Nov.2010
JEITA EIAJ ED-4701/300 Aug.2001 Test Method304 JEITA EIAJ ED-4701/300 Aug.2001
MIL-STD-883J Method 3015.9 Jun.2013  


Main Unit (Models: ESS-6002/ESS-6008)

ESS-6002 ESS-6008
Output voltage 10V ~2.0kV ±10% (1V step) 100V ~ 8.0 kV±10% (10V step)
Polarity Positive & Negative
Discharge Repetition 0.3~99s (0.1s step to 10S, 1s step over 10S)
Number of discharge 1~99 or continuous
Automatic output voltage ramping Available
Dimensions and weight (W)340 x (H)199 x (D)300 mm (projection excluded)
Weight Approx. 6 kgs

Free Type probe Stand <Model:18-00075A>

Item Specifications
Dimensions and weight (stand) (W)200 x (H)330 x (D)290 mm
Approx. 1.5 kgs
Dimensions and weight (test fixture) (W)100 x (H)27 x (D) 180 mm (projection excluded)
Approx. 0.2 kgs.
Vise gap 110 mm
Other V-shape block (Polyoxynethylene) included

Semi-automatic Precision Type Probe Stand  <Model:18-00076A>

The precision mechanism offers a 0.01 mm movement resolution for the probe electrodes (hot and ground pins), enabling ESD pulses to be exactly applied to each target pins in turn.

Item Specifications
Dimensions and weight (stand) (W)250 x (H)400 x (D) 300 mm
Approx. 7 kgs.
Maximum DUT size 40 mm x 40 cm, minimum lead pitch: 0.4 mm
X axis Manual, by dovetail groove and feed screw mechanism, Distance: 20mm
Y axis Motor drive (maximum speed 13 mm/s) by stepping motor & ball screw mechanism
Distance: 40mm, Y resolution: 0.01 mm
Θ axis Manual, 360°
Z axis Manual, 20 mm, hand press (spring built-in)
Origin adjustment Manual