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Calibration Cable Set Model 05-00099A

A set of cables specifically designed for verification of the output waveforms from the LSS-F03 simulators, consisting of 2 pieces of cable of approx 60cm length for open circuit voltage measurement, 1 piece of cable of approx 120cm for short circuit current measurement and 3 pieces of dummy cap. Open circuit voltage shall be measured in differential mode, thus two high voltage probes are required.





For observing surge output waveforms of the LSS-F03 series, the following instruments are necessary as well as this cable set.

  • an oscilloscope with 2 or more channels for differential measurement
  • 2 x High voltage probes with higher withstanding voltage than 15kV.
  • a current probe for short-circuit current measurement
  • Isolation transformer for oscilloscope
  • Earth cable for connecting PE.

To avoid an inadvertent touch, covering tips of the HV probes with a protection cover is recommendable.