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Voltage Dip Simulator Model: VDS-220B





Electromagnetic noise is a well known cause of malfunction in digital equipment. In addition, momentary power failure (blackout) and power supply voltage fluctuation (brownout) also cause equipment malfunction.

If the power supply voltage drops below the prescribed value for more than a few tens of milliseconds, an electronic device can hardly operate normally. When momentary power failure or voltage drop occurs in the power-transmission line, it usually takes about 0.07 second at the soonest before recovery. This 0.07 second of power failure or voltage drop is time enough to affect digital equipment and systems.

Such power failures and voltage fluctuations are brought about by various causes (e.g. lightning strikes, accidents involving power lines, and the lack of proper maintenance of adjacent equipment.) Entirely preventing these various causes is impossible.

With this in mind, the importance of testing electronic devices for susceptibility to momentary power failure and voltage drop is ever-increasing.

Our VDS series is valuable as an evaluation device corresponding to present-day conditions.



  • Dip amount can be varied as desired independent of a change in load current, as a variac is employed.
  • Dip amount can be easily set with the DIP ADJUST knob (variac control) while referring to the front panel voltmeter. In addition, the output voltage and current to the equipment under test can be monitored from the adjacent meters.
  • Dip and interval cycles can be easily set with digital switches.
  • An external trigger signal (TTL negative logic) can start and stop the test. The simulator can also provide trigger signal for oscilloscope monitoring.
  • Combined with the INS series Impulse Noise Simulator, the VDS series reproduces noise environments more similar to actual field events. 




Items Specifications
Output mode (Dip mode) 100% of input voltage down to 30V, continuously variable, complete power interruption (0V) at 30V or less
Dip cycle 0.5 ~ 9999.5 cycles (0.5 cycle steps)
Normal cycle (Interval) 10 ~ 9990 cycles (10 cycle steps)
Phase angle of the start and end of voltage dip 0°or 180°
Test repetition  1 ~ 99 times, or continuous
Trigger input TTL level negative logic (pulse width: 10ms or more)
Trigger output TTL level negative logic
Equipment under test

Power capacity : Single phase AC 70 - 240V, 20A, 50/60Hz 

Rush current (max.): 300A (10ms)

Power supply Adjustable to local supply voltage required,
50/60Hz power consumption: 50VA
Dimensions 420(W) x 200(H) x 440 (D) mm (Projection excluded)
Weight Approx. 35 kg


  • Trigger coaxial cable
  • Spare fuse (250VAC 20A)
  • Spare fuse (250VAC 3A)
  • Instruction manual



Interval: 10 cycles, Dip 100% 1 cycle (Voltage or current waveform at R load)
Dip is started from positive phase