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BP4610 (Pulse 2b, 4 Generator)

Automotive Transient Surge Simulator Model BP4610

Pulse 2b, 4 Generator



  • Pulse 2b and Pulse 4 generating unit
  • +-60V 10A DC - 150kHz built-In bipolar amplifier
  • Functions as the DUT power supply for testing with the other pulses
  • Upgradeable to 15A or 30A by use of an optional external power supply




Specifications (Pulse 2b. 4)

Pulse 2b UA, Us (*) 0V  ~  60.0V ±10% ±0.5V in steps of  0.1V
Ri 0 ohm ~ 0.05 ohm
Td 0.1s, 0.2s, 0.5s, 1s, 2s, 4s ±20%
t12, tr, t6  (*) 1ms, 2ms, 5ms ±50%
Pulse 4 Ub 0V ~ 60V ±10% ±0.5V In steps of 0.1V
Us, Ua 0V ~  -Ub ±10% ±0.5V In steps of 0.1V
Ri 0 ohm ~ 0.02 ohm (Factory setting)
t7, t8, t10, t11  (*) 1ms  ~ 999ms  ±10%  In steps of 1ms
t9 0.1s ~ 99.9s ±10%  In steps of 0.1s
Dimensions (W) 430 X (H) 177 X (D) 550 mm
(Projections excluded)
Weight Approx. 26 kgs

(*) Each item can be set separately.
Please contact us for details of 100A and 200A types.