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ISS-7650 (Pulse 5a, 5b Generator)

Automotive Transient Surge Simulator Model ISS-7650

Pulse 5a, 5b Generator




  • Pulse 5a and Pulse 5b generating unit
  • A built-in 60V/30A Coupling Network allows independent operation.
  • Equipped with a programmable clip circuit that can produce Pulse 5b clipped waveform in steps of 0.1V without externally attaching a zener diode.*
  • Pulse 5b clipped waveform is pre-eminent in smoothness.
  • Serial or parallel pulse coupling selectable.
  • Pulse repetitions controller provided (30s to 999s and 1 to 999 pulses)


 * The ISO standard requires pulse 5a and 5b have the same value of their td. Due to the effects of the integrated clip circuit, pulse 5b width is different from that of pulse 5a. Pulse 5b is non-compliant with ISO 7637-2 or ISO 16750





Counter 1~ 999 Count,  7 Segment LED
Cycle Timer 30s ~ 999s , 1s step   7 Segment LED
Interlock Control by External Input, Contact Point or Open Collector
L Level: 0V ~ 0.4V ,        H Level: 2V ~ 4V
Warning Lamp Option Model: 11-00008B
Current Monitor Output Unit 10mV/A
Characteristic Freq DC ~ 150kHz,  Approx. -3dB
Error Tolerance ±5% (DC Measure Value) ±0.8Amax (Offset) at 25°C
Withstanding Voltage DC60V (BNC Terminal Exterior: FG)
Form BNC Terminal
(Oscilloscope Wave Verification 1M ohm Input)
Circuit Breaker Rated Current 40A
Remote Control From PC Interface Option: Optical Interface Unit Model: 07-00022A
Software Option: Remote Control Software Model: ISS-7601
Compatible OS Windows 7, Windows 10
DUT capacity DC60Vmax, 30Amax
Power supply AC100V, 110V, 120V, 200V, 220V, 240V ±10% (50/60Hz)
Operating temperature and humidity  23°C±5°C / 25~75% (No dewing shall occur.)
Dimensions (W) 430 X (H) 670  X (D) 660 mm (Projections excluded)
Weight Approx. 100kgs
Power consumption Charging: Approx. 600VA,     Standby: Approx. 150VA
Standard accessories Instruction manual
Spare fuse 6.3A
Interlock plug
DC injection selection plug
Current monitor coaxial cable
DC input cable 2m
Output cable 2m
Short lead cable (for waveform verification)
Pulse 5a 12V system 24V system
Output Voltage (Us) 20V ~  100V±10% (0.5V step) 20 ~  200V±10% ( 0.5V step)
Output Resistance (Ri) 0.5 ohm ~   8 ohm (0.5 ohm step)  1 ohm ~   8 ohm (0.5 ohm step)
Duration (td) 40ms, 100ms, 200ms, 350ms,
400ms ±20%
100ms, 200ms, 350ms, 400ms
Rise time (tr) 10ms-5ms/ +0ms 10ms-5ms/+0ms
Pulse 5b 12V system 24V system
Output Voltage (Uss) 10V ~   40V ±10%  (0.1V step)
Open Voltage (Us) 100V>=Us>Uss 200V>=Us>Uss
Duration (td) Td of pulse 5b is dependent on Us, Uss and Ri settings. The same value as pulse 5a td is not available