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ISS-7690 (Coupling Network ) & ISS-7602 (System Rack)

Coupling Network Model: ISS-7690
System Rack Model: ISS-7602




  • System rack that all pulse generating units can be mounted on. (ISS-7602)
  • ISS-7690 Coupling Network unit centralizes all pulse outputs of the system-configured generators in the single output port.
  • Software selectable pulse generators and DC supplies
  • A built-in 60V 50A Coupling Network.
  • In addition to the built-in DC power supply (BP4610), two external power supplies  (battery) connections are available
  • Switches three independent power supplies (BP4610 (LINE 1), LINE 2, LINE 3)
  • A high speed DC interruption switch with <1μs fall time capability is standard built-in
  • All the system can be controlled through USB interface.





DUT Capacity 60V/50A
DC Input 2 channels (DC supply/Battery)
Pulse input Pulse 1, Pulse 2a/2b, Pulse 3a/3b, Pulse 4, Pulse 5a/5b
Supply interruption test <1μs fall time
(available with DC supply interruption test only)
Current Monitor Monitoring Terminal (BNC), Output 10mV/A, DC to 150kHz
Dimensions of rack (W) 555 X (H)  1800  X (D) 790 mm (Projections excluded)