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Lightning Surge Simulator LSS-6230A

Lightning Surge Simulator LSS-6230A 

Conforming to IEC 61000-4-5 ed 2 standard  



 Lightning Surge Simulator LSS-6230




  • Lightning Surge Simulator conforming to IEC61000-4-5 ed3 Standard
  • Ring wave conforming to ANSI/IEEE C62.45 available
  • Max. voltage 6.6kV output focusing on the practical use
  • Monitor terminal standard equipped so as for easy waveform pre-checking
  • Interlock built-in as the emergency stop function for safety
  • Free-downloadable remote control software availalbe
  • AC/DC CDN standard equipped. Available up to 3-phase AC500V 50A as the option
  • CDN for Telecom lines, CDN for interconnection lines, isolation transformer, etc. ready as the option 



Parameter Specifications
Polarity  Positive / Negative
Interval  (Minimum charging time)  to 999 sec. 1 sec. step
No. of output setting  1 to 999 times 1 time step

 <Surge generating unit>

Parameter                                               Specifications


Combination waveforms

Voltage surge Output voltage 0.5 to 6.0kV ±10%
Front time 1.2μs±30%
Duration 50μs±20%
Current surge Output current 250 to 3000A ±10%
Front time 8μs±20%
Duration 20μs±20%
Minimum charge time 10 Sec.
Output impedance 2Ω±10%
Ring wave
Voltage surge Output voltage 0.5 to 6.0kV ±10%
Rise time 0.5μs±0.15μs
Frequency: 100kHz ±20kHz
Current surge 2nd peak voltage 40-110% of 1st peak voltage
3rd peak voltage 40-80% of 2nd peak voltage
4th peak voltage 40-80% of 3rd peak voltage
Minimum charge time 5 Sec.
Output impedance

12 Ω±3 6 Ω at 12 Ω selection in interruptive resistance

30 Ω±8 Ω at 30 Ω selection in interruptive resistance

Coupling network  Line - Line : 18μF, Line - PE : 10Ω+9μF,

Line - PE simultaneous coupling (L+N-PE) : 9μF/9μF

Decoupling coil  1.5mH
AC EUT power capacity  Single phase AC 240V 16A MAX (50/60Hz)
DC Eat power capacity  DC125V/16A MAX
Phase angle control  0 to 360°±10°, Based on set injection / return angle

  <Surge Generating Unit for External CDN>

Parameter                                                            Specifications

Combination waveforms
Voltage surge
Output voltage 0.5 to 6.0kV ±10%
Front time 10μs±30%
Duration 700μs±20%
Current surge Output current 12.5 to 150A ±10%
Front time 5μs±20%
Duration 320μs±20%
Minimum charge time 15 Sec.
Output impedance 40Ω±10%


Parameter Specifications
Voltage monitor BNC output, 1/1000±10% 
Current monitor  BNC output, 1mV/A±10%
External communication RS-232C optical communication
Power supply  AC100V  to 120V±10%, AC200V to 240V±10%,50/60Hz, Power consumption: Less than 300VA
Dimensions W430×H515×D500 mm (Projection excluded)
Mass Approx. 65kg