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Isolation Transformer Unit TF-6503P

Isolation Transformer  TF-6503P


Maximum capacity is 3-phase AC600V / 50A and
the dielectric strength is 4kV
Available for AC lines power supply in LSS-F03

series and widely usable for the other various noise
generators or measurement 

Parameter Specifications
Max. input voltage Single phase / 3-phase 600V MAX (50 / 60Hz)
Transformer connection Y-connection
Max. output current 50A MAX
Dielectric strength  Primary to core : AC4kV (1 minute)
Secondary to core : AC4kV (1 minute)
Primary – Secondary : AC4kV (1 minute)
Insulation resistance ≧100MΩ at DC500V
Dimension / Mass  (W)500×(H)640×(D)700mm (Eye bolts and handles excluded)
Approx. 350 kg


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