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ESD Simulator ESS-S3011A/GT-30RA

Electrostatic Discharge Simulator ESS-S3011A/GT-30RA 

 EN/IEC 61000-4-2 Ed2 & ISO 10605 Ed2 Compliant   

 SMART ESD simulator which supports all phases of the test (Pre to Post) 


ESD Simulator Model ESS-S3011 

ESS-S3011A : Product video short version   |  ESS-S3011A : Product video full version


ESS-S3011A & GT-30RA 

  (Note: Discharge gun stand is an optional accessory.)


  •  EN/IEC 61000-4-2 Ed2 Compliant 
  • ISO 10605 Ed2 Compliant    (Note: Optional gun head and CR units are required.) 
  • Pre-test 

        "3 pre-checking functions” taking the confirmable test into the account

        "CR constant indicator” to ensure correct attachment is in place

  • During test

        “Ten-key & Rotary knob” to ease the setting

        “Infra-red Remote Controller” to allow remote Generator setting

        “Discharge Detecting Function” to realize the air-discharge confirmation

        “Lightest Discharge Gun in the market” for better continuous operation

        “White LED light” to show Discharging points  

  •  After test

        “Control Software” for Test Result Reporting and PC Control

         free-downloadable from NoiseKen web-site)



Achieve more reliable tests with "3 pre-check functions"

The new ESD simulator is equipped with 3 pre-check functions, "high voltage power output check", "insulation failure check", and "discharge relay operation check" on the main body and discharge gun.

You can prevent troubles such as,  if you did not notice the failure of the tester body or the relay inside the discharge gun had reached the end of its life, you could not perform the test properly in the past!


[Check 1] High voltage power output check. Check the error with the set value. [Check 2] Check for poor insulation. Check for poor dielectric strength.When you place the discharge gun in the attached gun holder, you can check the output of the high-voltage power supply and check for poor insulation. [Check 3] Discharge discharge operation check. Check the relay for exhaustion.You can check the exhaustion of the discharge relay by bringing the discharge gun into contact with the check terminal and discharging.

In addition, you can check immediately with a simple operation by following the instructions of the tester with the pre-check function.

(1) Set the discharge gun in the gun holder. (2) Press the [START] key on the tester body. (3) Bring the discharge gun into contact with the pre-check terminal [PRE CHECK]. (4) Pull the gun trigger. Pre-check completed! In case of NG, a “FAILED” message is displayed.


 "CR constant indicator” to ensure correct attachment is in place

The constants of the discharge resistance and discharge capacitor, which were previously disassembled and checked, are now displayed on the main unit screen.
It is automatically recognized and the type is determined when the CR unit or discharge cup of the discharge gun is replaced, or when the power of this product is turned on, it is automatically recognized and the type is determined.
The CR unit and the discharge cup are identified separately, and if the combination complies with the standard, the conforming standard is displayed at the bottom of the main menu.

Is the discharge cup for IEC? For ISO? What are the values of charging capacitor and discharge resistance? Displayed on the main unit screen!


CR Unit[CR] Discharge cup[CUP] Display compliant standards
150pF-330Ω 330 IEC 61000-4-2
ISO 10605 2nd Ed.
330pF-330Ω 330 ISO 10605 2nd Ed.
150pF-2kΩ 2k ISO 10605 1st Ed. & 2nd Ed.
330pF-2kΩ 2k ISO 10605 1st Ed. & 2nd Ed

Discharge detection function that can check the presence or absence of discharge.

In the previous test, the presence or absence of discharge could only be confirmed visually, but the new ESD simulator is equipped with a discharge detection function.
When electrostatic discharge is performed, the presence or absence of discharge can be confirmed by the buzzer sound of the tester body and the LED of the discharge gun. 

Item/Status When discharge When non-discharge
LED display

Red → Green

Red (remain)
Buzzer sounds Short sound "Pip" No sound
Count Count up Trigger input → No discharge count

Achieves improved weight balance and weight reduction! Easy-to-hold and easy-to-use discharge gun!

“Improved balance of center of gravity and reduced weight by about 20%”
Of course! It is compatible with existing  ESD generators.

In a customer survey, about 60% of people want "lightening of discharge gun".

Equipped with an LED light that illuminates the application location. Light and soft! High voltage cable and Ground return cable.

One-touch exchangeable CR unit. Easily exchangeable gun head.




 ESD Simulator Main Unit Model : ESS-S3011A 

Items ESS-S3011A specifications
Polarity Positive or negative
Output voltage

0.2 to 30.0kV +/-5% (30.5kV Maximum)

0.2 to 10kV: 0.05V step,  10.0 to 30.0kV: 0.1kV step

Repetition cycle

0.05s to 99.9s +/-10% / Manual

0.05s to 10.0s: 0.05s step,  10.0 to 99.9s: 0.10s step

No. of time of discharge 1 to 60,000 times /continuous
 Discharge mode Contac discharge / Air discharge
Radiation level mode Normal mode / Extra mode
Trigger mode Gun trigger / Main unit trigger / External trigger
Operation panel Color LCD / Push-buttons (Partially lighting)
Gun holder Standard attached (to hold the discharge gun Model GT-30RA)
Radiation mode select switch Extra / Normal switching function built-in
Discharge detection Discharge detection function in air-discharge mode equipped
Pre-checking function Following 3 steps function equipped (by under operation. Not the calibration but just checking)
SETP1 High voltage output checking
STEP2 Withstanding voltage checking
STEP3 Discharge relay operation checking
CR & Gun head checking  CR constant and gun head recognizable (with an indicator to prevent the wrong combination)
IEC standard test mode

Contact discharge mode: 2.0, 4.0, 6.0, 8.0 kV step

Air discharge mode: 2.0, 4.0, 8.0, 15.0 kV step

Manual test mode

Contact/Air discharge mode: 0.20kV to 30.0kV

Sweep function available

Up to 50 units (test settings) storable

Sequence test mode

Seamless run of the selected test sequence

No. of steps per one sequence: up to 22 steps

No. of test sequences: up to 20

Warning lamp

Lights up while the HV circuitry is on.

Blinks while discharges are in progress.

Charging capacitor and resistance 150pF +/-10%, 330 ohm+/-10%  (built into Discharge Gun GT-30RA)
Main unit charging resistance 10M ohm (53M ohm for combination with Discharge Gun GT-30RA)
AUX connector

D-SUB 15 pin, female connector

Connection of Warning Lamp (optional)

Connection of Automatic ESD Eliminator (optional)

External interlock input

External trigger input

Optical communication connector Optic connector for PC communication (serial interface)
Power supply/ Power consumption 100V to 240V AC, 50Hz/60Hz +/-10%  75VA
Included accessories

Remote controller 13-00004A, Gun holder, Instruction manual

Dimensions and weight

 (W) 270 X  (H)312 X  (D)295 mm

Approx. 7.0kg (gun holder excluded)  , Approx. 7.5kg (gun holder included)  

 Discharge Gun Model :  GT-30RA 

Items GT-30RA specifications
Output voltage 30.5kV Max
Polarity Positive or Negative
Repetition cycle 0.05s and over   Note) Guaranteed value is 0.1s and over  (330pF and under)
Discharge mode Contact or Air
Charging resistor Built-in CR unit
Charge/Discharge capacitor & Discharge resistor Built-in CR unit
High voltage connector Composite connector of high voltage and signal line (male)  。ハNoiseKen custom)
Operation switch Discharge trigger
LED irradiator White LED light built-in for irradiating EUT 。ハFocusing point is the tip)
Included accessories

CR unit (150pf-330 ohm) 06-00073B

Conical discharge tip 12-00007A

Round discharge tip 12-00008A

Instruction manual  

Dimensions and weight

  (W) 83X  (H) 217 X  (D) 229 mm  (projection excluded)
Approx. 0.8kg (Cable and connector excluded)

Approx. 10.8kg (Cable included, connecter excluded)

Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.