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Impulse Noise Simulators Overview

Product Overview (High Frequency Conducted Noise Simulator)  

The noise which includes wideband frequency spectrum may be generated accompanied with ON/OFF of inductive load with a switch or relay.  Consequently, it may cause reflection, resonance or amplification with IC in inside of electronics equipments by its coupling with the wirings or substrates patterns and induce malfunctions of the equipments.

This noise is classified into two invasion routes. The one is conducted through a power supply line or interconnection line, and the one another is transmitted in space as an electromagnetic wave and flows into the inside circuit, eventually induces such coupling with the circuit.

“NoiseKen” INS series and FNS series can reproduce and simulate the noise intentionally for testing whether electronic equipments become malfunctioned or work correctly with the noises influence. FNS series can conform to IEC61000-4-4 Standard which is standardized by International Electrotechnical Committee = IEC, and INS series can conform to some Japanese Standards.

In “NoiseKen” INS series, since the noise can be injected between LINE –LINE (Normal mode) in addition to the injection between
LIND – GND (Common mode), more effective and pursuant counter measures against the noise can be realized. 

Difference between FNS series and INS series



Waveform of FNS 

Rise time: 5ns








Frequency spectrum

Ceases less than 400MHz



 Waveform of INS


Rise time: 1ns







Includes more than IGHz

Enables the more severe test







   INS-4020                               INS-AX2 series


 <Target or potential customers>

  • Consumer products (white home appliances, AV equipment, etc.)
  • Industrial equipment (FA machines, controllers office machines, etc.)
  • Industrial equipments (Medical, entertainment, measurements, etc.)
  • Automotive equipments (Navigation, air-conditioner, audio, etc.)
  • Electronic component (Control board, mounted electronic components, etc.)
  • Railroad application
  • Security related equipments
  • Industrial controller related equipments


<Test standards>

  • Nippon Electric Control Equipment Industries Association (NECA) NECA TR-28
  • The Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association (JEMA) JEMTR177
  • The institute of Electrical Engineering of Japan JEC00103_2005
  • Individual industrial standards



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