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Lightning Surge Simulators Product Overview

Product Overview (Induced Lightning Noise : Lightning Surge Simulator)

When the ascending current or many vapors in the air is generated, the air freezes over and the ices collide each other.  Consequently, the ices are separated to plus charged pieces and comparative large sized minus charged pieces, and then the plus charged ones are formed in the upper strata of the thunderclouds and the minus charged pieces are done in the lower strata because of the gravitation.
The minus ones are drawn to plus charged ground (Static induction phenomenon) to be discharges.  The discharge can be lightning strikes.

As result of the discharge as lightning strike which has large energy, strong magnetic filed is generated and then, induced electric current is generated there. Subsequently, the current is transmitted to outside electric wires and intrudes in houses, eventually breaks electronics equipments. Even the lightning does not strike, when a thunder cloud is charged electrically, the contrary polarized electric charge is generated in electric wires sides and the discharge phenomenon is caused. In result, induced electric current generated from the wires is intruded in house and breaks electronic equipments (Please refer to the following figures).


“NoiseKen” LSS series can reproduce and simulates these phenomena intentionally for testing whether electronics equipments become malfunctioned or work correctly with the surges influences, and LSS-F03 series can conform to IEC61000-4-5 Standard which is standardized by International Electrotechnical Committee = IEC.

Since the lightning surges have large energies both in the voltages and currents, they are most enormous noises for electronics equipments. “NoiseKen” lightning surge simulators (LSS-F03 series) can reproduce the power further severely than the standard up to 15kV output for securing electronic equipments so as to be used reliably and safely without such problems.






 Lightning Surge Simulator LSS-6230

                LSS-F03 series          LSS-6230                   LSS-720B2

                IEC 61000-4-5            IEC 61000-4-5              JEC 210/212

                Max 15KV output        Max 6KV output             Max 20KV output