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Voltage Dip & Swell Simulators Product Overview

Voltage Dip & Swell Simulators Product Overview

Electrostatic discharge and conducted noise are well-known to cause malfunctions of electronics equipments.  In the meantime, instant interruption and fluctuation of the power supply voltages can be also the causes.

Electronics equipments cannot work correctly if the power supply voltages keep on falling several 10 ms or longer than the specifications.  In case an electricity transmission system is interrupted or dipped instantly, they say that the recovery time is at fastest around 0.07 seconds and this period should be enough time to affect correct operations of computer systems.  These interrupted power supplies or voltage fluctuations are caused by various reasons, for example, natural disasters like lightning strikes, miss-operation, insufficient maintenance of equipment, etc. and the perfect prevention may not be possible.

“NoiseKen” Voltage dip & swell simulator VDS-2002 can reproduce and simulate the phenomena intentionally for testing whether  electronics equipments become malfunctioned or work correctly and dedicating to strengthen the resistibility of electronics equipments to the phenomena.   The simulator can conform to IEC61000-4-11 Standard which is standardized by International  Electrotechnical Committee = IEC.

  • Voltage dip 70% AC waveform 



40% dip test setting                                  0% (Interruption test setting)