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Lightning Surge Simulator LSS-F03 series

Lightning Surge Simulator LSS-F03 Series    new     

        Conforming to IEC 61000-4-5 Ed. 3 requirements       

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                        MODEL LSS-F03C3A




Surges represent transients that might be induced in cables by lightning. By their nature, fairly high energy charges may easily damage or upset unprotected electronics circuits and components. Surges are not a new problem. Many companies have been testing their products at various stages of the products life: design tests, qualification tests, production tests and diagnostic tests. 

The advance of surge suppression devices and technique does not lessen the importance of surge testing, but rather increases it, as the requirement to reduce power consumption and to increase the operational speed of semiconductors has become more demanding.  In addition, the issue of surge testing is attracting renewed interest since this form of immunity is now a must for almost all electronic products for access to the global market.




  • "Output voltage 15kV, current 7500A" which can conduct breakdown resistibility test
  • "50% reduction of the output interval" which can drastically reduce the test time
  • "Touch-panel" adopted for the easy test setting
  • "Multi-languages" for the easy operation processing available
  • "Indicator" which is linked with the test setting equipped
  • PC control available via free-downloadable software
  • "Emergency stop" & "Interlock terminal" which secure the test operator equipped
  • "Output waveform monitor terminal" which can ease pre-checking of the waveforms prior to the actual test

  <Surge Generating Unit>

Parameter Specifications Remarks


Combination waveforms

Output voltage 0.5kV to 15kV ±10%

Front time 1.2μs ±30%

Duration 50μs ±20%

Output current 250A to 7500A ±10%

Font time 8μs ±20%

Duration  20μs ±20%

Common for the all models

Voltage step : 0.1kV step

The setting can be from 0kV


Combination waveforms

Output voltage  0.5kV to 15kV ±10%

Front time 10μs ±30%

Duration 700μs ±20%

Output current  12.5A to 375A ±10%

Front time 5μs ±20%

Duration  320μs ±20%

Models: C1A/C3A

Voltage step : 0.1kV step

The setting can be from 0kV

Output polarity  Positive / Negative  

10 sec. to 989 sec., depending on the set voltage 10 sec.  (<6kV)

 15 sec. and over in 10/700 μs waveform
Output impedance

1.2/50μs waveform : 2Ω ±10%

10/700μs waveform : 40Ω ±10%



Parameter Specifications Remarks
Coupling surge waveform 1.2/50μs-8/20μs combination waveforms  
Max. coupling surge voltage / current Up to the values which can be set  

Coupling network

Correspondent to IEC61000-4-5

18μF: Between LINE - LINE (10Ω +9μF selectable)  
10Ω:  ±9μF Between LINE - PE (18μF selectable)  
Injection mode Between LINE - LINE, Between LINE - PE  
Power supply lines structure for EUT

Single phase AC: L/N/PE

DC : +/-/PE

Models: A1A/C1A

3-phase AC : L1/L2/L3/N/PE (Common for single phase and 3-phase)

DC : +/-/PE

Models: A3A/C3A
EUT power capacity AC240V/20A MAX.  50/60Hz,  DC125V/20A MAX Models: A1 A/C1A
AC500V/50A MAX.  50/60Hz.  DC125V/50A MAX Models : A3A / C3A
Decoupling coil 1.5mH  
Phase angle control 0  to 360° ±10°  

  <CDN for Telecom lines >  (Only in models C1A and C3A)

Parameter Specifications Remarks
Coupling surge waveform 1.2/50μs-8/20μs combination waveforms
10/700μs-5/320μs combination waveforms
Max. coupling surge voltage / current


(Waveform specifications can be met up to 2kV for 1.2/50μS waveform and up to 4kV for 10/700μs waveform)

Impedance matching resistors


80Ω per 1 line at 2 lines

160Ω per 1 line at 4 lines

1.2/50 μs waveform

25Ω per line

  10/700 μs waveform
Coupling mode Common mode  
Coupling network Gas arrestor : 90V  
Line for EUT  2 lines / 4 lines DC50V/100mA MAX Selectable
Decoupling coil 20mH  


Parameter Specifications Remarks
Voltage monitor      BNC output, 1/2000±10%        In open-circuit for SURGE OUT
Current monitor BNC output, 1mV/A±10%       In short-circuit for SURGE OUT
External communication   RS-232C optical communication  
Power supply   AC100V to AC240V ±10%, 50Hz / 60Hz  

W555×H1450×D790 mm   (Models: A1A / A3A) Projection excluded
 W555×H1800×D790 mm   (Models: C1A / C3A) Projection excluded
Mass  Approx. 290kg (Model:A1A),  Approx. 300kg (Model:A3A)  
 Approx. 325kg (Model:C1A),  Approx. 340kg (Model:C3A)  







Output waveform AC/DC Power Line CDN Telecom Line CDN

1.2/50 μs

(8/20 μs)

10/700 μs

(5/320 μs)

Single phase

AC240V/30A, DC60V/20A

Single and 3-phase

AC500V/50A, DC60V/20A

DC50 V 100mA
A1A Available   Available    
A3A Available     Available  
C1A Available Available Available   Available
C3A Available Available   Available Available



     Items  Specifications/Functions  Quantity  Correspondent models
    Surge output cable HOT/COM  2 pcs. A1A/A3A/C1A/C3A
    Output cable to power supply lines For single phase : L / N / PE  3 pcs. A1A/C1A
    For 3-phase : L1 / L2 / L3 / N / PE 5 pcs. A3A/C3A
    Output cable to telecom lines For 1 to 4 lines and GND  5 pcs. C1A/C3A
    Arrestor unit For coupling : Equipped to main unit panel  4 pcs. C1A/C3A
    For input protection : Equipped to main unit panel 4 pcs.
    Cable for monitor BNC-BNC cable  1 pc. A1A/A3A/C1A/C3A
    External interlock connector 5P plug (Short between #1 - #3)  1 pc. A1A/A3A/C1A/C3A 
    Power supply cable For AC100V, 3P equipped with G connector cable  1 pc. A1A/A3A/C1A/C3A 
    High voltage connector cap Equipped to main unit panel  5 pcs. A1A/C1A
    7 pcs. A3A/C3A
    FG cable For grounding the body  1 pc A1A/A3A/C1A/C3A
    Instruction manual In Japanese/ English  1 each A1A/A3A/C1A/C3A

    Please download  LSS-F03 series brochure pdf  (1589Kbyte).

    LSS-F03 series brochure includes the information on the detailed futures, specifications, optional accessories, the summary of IEC 61000-4-5 ed.3.0 standard, the test set up examples and others.


    Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.