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Discharge Gun GT-30RA

Discharge Gun GT-30RA

       Conforming to IEC 61000-4-2


GT-30RA Discharge Gun

Discharge gun stand (Model:PS-806) and Conversion Adaptor (Model:03-00074A) are optional accessories. 



This product is an electrostatic discharge gun conforming to IEC 61000-4-2 and is designed to generate static electricity for conducting the electrostatic discharge immunity test.  When conducting the electrostatic test, this product should be connected to the Noiseken’s Electrostatic Discharge Simulator (ESS-S3011A/ESS-B3011A/ESS-L1611A).  Changing the discharge cup and CR unit makes it possible to perform the electrostatic discharge immunity test conforming to ISO 10605.



Items Specifications
Output voltage

0.20~30.0kV ±5% (with ESS-S3011A/B3011A)

0.20~16.0kV ±5% (with ESS-L1611A)

Discharge mode Air discharge and contact discharge
Discharge waveform parameters Compliant with EN/IEC61000-4-2
Standard energy storage capacitor 150 PF±10%
Standard discharge resistor 330ohm±10%
Charging resistor 43Mohm
(53M ohm for combination with ESS main unit)
Cable length 2 m

83.4(W) x 217.2(H) x 189.3 (D) mm

(Discharge tip excluded)

Weight Approx. 1300g  (cable and high voltage connector included




  • 330 ohm testing discharge cup
Model: 03-00071A  (Attached to the main unit)


  • CR unit 150pF-330Ω
 Model 06-00073B  Attached to the main unit)


  • Discharge tip 12-00007A (Conical)


  • Discharge tip 12-00008A (Round) 

  • Instruction manual


     Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.