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ESD Simulator ESS-B3011A/GT-30RA

Electrostatic Discharge Simulator ESS-B3011A/GT-30RA

EN/IEC 61000-4-2 Ed2 & ISO 10605 Ed2 Compliant 

Cost-oriented Basic ESD simulator 

ESD Simulator Model ESS-B3011


(Note: Discharge gun stand is an optional accessory.)




  • EN/IEC 61000-4-2 Ed2 Compliant (B3011A)
  • ISO 10605 Ed2 Compliant (B3011A) (Note: Optional gun head and CR units are required.)
  • "Discharge detecting function" to realize the air-discharge confirmation (B3011A)
  • "Lightest Discharge Gun in the market "to lighten the continuous operation (GT-30RA)
  • "White LED Irradiator" to facilitate the visualization of the discharging point (GT-30RA)



ESD Simulator Main Unit Model : ESS-B3011A

Items ESS-B3011A specifications  
Polarity Positive or Negative
Output voltage

0.2 to 30.0kV +/-5%

(30.5kV maximum)

0.2 to 10kV: 0.05kV step

10.0 to 30.5kV: 0.10kV step


Repetition cycle

0.05 to 99.9s (+/- 10%) /Manual

0.05 to 10.0s: 0.05s step

10.0 to 99.9s: 0.10s step

No. of time of discharge 1 to 999 times /continuous
Discharge mode

Contact discharge/ Air discharge

Trigger mode Gun trigger / Main unit trigger
Operation panel

Indicator: 5x7 dot matrix LED

Operation: Push-buttons (Partially lighting)

Radiation mode select switch Extra / Normal switching function built-in
Discharge detection Discharge detection function in air-discharge mode
Pre-checking function

High voltage output checking

(by user operation.  Not the calibration but just checking)

CR & Gun head checking CR constant and gun head recognizable (with an indicator to prevent the wrong combination)
IEC level switching function

Contact discharge mode: 2.0, 4.0, 6.0, 8.0 kV step

Air discharge mode: 2.0, 4.0, 8.0, 15.0 kV step

Warning lamp

Lights up while the HV circuitry is on.

Blinks while discharges are in progress.

Charging capacitor and resistance 150pF+/-10%, 330 ohm +/-10% (built into Discharge Gun GT-30RA)
Main unit charging resistance

10M ohm

(53Mohm for combination with Discharge Gun GT-30RA)

Power supply/ Power consumption 100 to 240V AC  50/60 Hz +/-10%  62VA
Included accessories

Instruction manual

Dimensions and weight (W)270 X (H)263 X (D)200 mm (projection excluded)
Approx. 4.6 kg

Discharge Gun Model : GT-30RA

Items GT-30RA specifications
Output voltage 30.5kV Max
Polarity Positive or Negative
Repetition cycle 0.05s and over  Note) Guaranteed value is 0.1s and over (330pF and under)
Discharge mode Contact or Air
Charging resistor Built-in CR unit
Charge/Discharge capacitor & Discharge resistor Built-in CR unit
High voltage connector Composite connector of high voltage and signal line (male) (NoiseKen custom)
Operation switch Discharge trigger
LED irradiator White LED light built-in for irradiating EUT (Focusing point is the tip)
Included accessories

CR unit (150pf-330 ohm) 06-00073B

Conical discharge tip 12-00007A

Round discharge tip 12-00008A

Instruction manual 

Dimensions and weight

(W)83 X (H)217 X (D)229 mm (projection excluded)
Approx. 0.8kg (Cable and connector excluded)

Approx. 10.8kg (Cable included, connector excluded)

Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.