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Attenuator for Waveform Observation Model : 00-00018A

IEC61000-4-4 Standard specifies the waveform observation with 1kΩ and 50Ω load. This attenuator provides 1KΩ load impedance and attenuation for oscilloscope. 


Parameters Specification
Attenuation DC〜100MHz  :  ±1dB
100MHz〜400MHz: ±3dB
 ※at DC 1/1000 ±5%
Burst input

Pulse Voltage
wave condition

5000 V MAX

Defined in IEC61000-4-4

Pulse frequency ≦5kHz
Burst duration ≦15ms
Burst period ≧300ms
Pulse voltage ≦5000V

Square wave input

Pulse Voltage
wave condition:

Not applicable
Input impedance 1000Ω±2%
Output impedance 50 Ω±2%
A high input impedance port of a scope (1 MΩ) shall be terminated by a 50 Ω terminator
Temperature: 15〜30℃
Humidity : 25〜75%RH(No condensation)
Weight Approx.150 g
Dimensions W133mm×D24.5mm×H24.5mm
Accessory Coaxial cable 1m (N(P)-BNC(P)) x1