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Normal Mode Balun 15-00013A

IEC61000-4-4 standard has the provision of the common mode test only, but noise may enter the equipment in the normal mode in the field and malfunction may occur. ANSI C37.90.1 standard specifies for corresponding normal mode noise testing. FNS-AX4 can now perform the normal mode test complying with ANSI C 37.90.1 standard with an optional dedicated normal mode coupling balun.

Item Specifications
Input pulses EFT/B
Input pulse voltage 5000V MAX
Coupling capacitor 66nF per line
The EUT power line voltage Up to AC/DC 600V
Input port connector NMHV connector
Output port connector φ4mm safety socket x 2
Dimensions W85 x H85 x D178 mm
Weight 570g