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Coupling clamp 15-00012A

Coupling Clamp 15-00012A




Capacitive coupling clamp for capacitive coupling test to signal lines based on IEC61000-4-4 Ed3.  The calibration fixture (15-00010A) for this clamp is also available. 



Parameter Specifications
Pulse input connector NMHV type connector
Output waveform

Peak voltage [Vp]: (1000 ± 200) V Rise time [tr]: (5 ± 1.5) ns
Pulse width [td]: (50 ± 15) ns
* Refer to “4. Waveform verification”.

Coupling plate

Length: (1000 ± 50) mm
Width: (140 ± 7) mm, handle attached part excluded Width: (160 ± 7) mm, handle attached part
included Height from the ground plane: (100 ± 5) mm


(W)1110 x (H)189 X (D)210 mm: Cover closed

(W)1110 x (H)189 X (D)439 mm: Cover opened

Weight Approx. 8.5 KG
Included accessories Coaxial cable (NMHV connector 1M), Instruction manual
Optional accessory

Transducer plate (Clamp calibration fixture)

Model: 15-00010A




Transducer plate length: 1050 +/-5mm

Transducer plate width: 120+/-1mm

Maximum dimensions: (D)1130 x (W)130 X (H) 109 mm

Weight: 350g