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INS Direct Injection Condenser 01-00047A

This unit is a unit for directly applying the pulse output of our impulse noise tester without passing through the CDN inside the tester.
The same coupling capacitor as the CDN is built in the box.
It can be used when the power supply capacity of the sample is a weak current such as a DC5V line, and it cannot be energized by passing it through the tester CDN. 

  • Applicable item: INS-S220


Parameter Specification
Coaxial connector NMHV
Connecting terminal Crimping terminal for M6
Capacitance for coupling 0.2047μF
Operating temperature range / humidity range 15〜35℃  25〜75%  (no condensation)
Dimension/ Weight 80×80×150 mm (excluding protrusions)  0.4 kg