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Radiation Probes 01-00006A/07A/08A/09A/10A/31A/50A

This probe is for connecting to our INS series, giving radiation noise due to electromagnetic fields to the wiring (PC board) inside the electronic device, and searching for the part that is vulnerable to the radiation noise of the electronic device. 

  • Magnetic field noise can be combined with wiring inside electronic devices.
  • It is possible to test the parts inside electronic devices that are vulnerable to radiation noise.
  • Target models: INS series FNS series

Item Specification
Input voltage 4000V MAX
Input pulse width 50ns 〜1μs
Loop diameter

See the table below

Cable length Approximately 2m
Weight Approximately 180g 〜220g
Compatible connector NMHV Tyoe

Model Loop diameter
01-00006A φ 50mm
01-00007A φ 75mm
01-00008A φ 100mm
01-00009A φ 150mm
01-00010A φ 200mm
01-00030A φ300 mm
01-00031A φ250 mm
01-00050A φ 30 mm

TEST image