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ESD Current Target 06-00094A

ESD Current Target 06-00094A


Load resistor to measure, verify and calibrate ESD current waveform defined in IEC61000-4-2 Ed.2.0.


Parameters Specification
Injection voltage(pulse) 30kV MAX
Input resistance 2.04Ω
Output impedance
2.04Ω ※1.
Insertion loss(S21) ≦1GHz Within ±0.5dB
Insertion loss(S21) 1GHz〜4GHz Within ±1.2dB
Output connector SMA type
Dimensions 70Φ×35mm
Weight Approx. 480g

20dB attenuator(SMA) 00-00022A 2pcs

Coaxial cable(SMA-SMA 1.0m) 02-00157A 1pcs

※1.This product is designed to be adaptable for 50Ω type transmission system with connecting a 20dB attenuator to the output connector directly.