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EMS Probe Kit H2-B

Noise can be applied to printed circuit board patterns, flat cables, etc. using a noise tester. By properly using the probe, it is possible to separate the electric field / magnetic field and irradiate it in the vicinity.


  • It is possible to apply noise to any part of the printed board, harness, etc.
  • Separate and combine electric and magnetic fields to search for weak parts.
  • Set of 3 electric field probes and 3 magnetic field probes with different shapes and sizes.
  • Since noise can be applied within a range of several mm, weak locations can be identified.
  • It is possible to look for weak spots for a particular frequency when using a signal generator as the wave source.
  • It is possible to use the existing noise tester as it is.



Output spectrum when inputting INS waveform

Input voltage:1000V  Rise time:1ns  Pulse width:10ns

Test image