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Coupling Adapter Model CA-805B

The generated pulses are coupled to the EUT power lines through the injection circuit integrated with the INS simulator. For coupling to all other external interface  cables such as communication, signal, I/O, control, this optional item is a must.  As a capacitive coupling adapter, the CA-805B actually funtions like a coupling capacitor.  The metal plate of the clamp and the wires under test form a certain capacitance by being put into proximity with an insertion of a dielectric material.



  • Injectoin of noise without cutting the signal line, DC line, AC line and ground line of the equipment under test.
  • Inspection of the level of noise immunity of the electronic equipment for each block or unit.
  • Direct noise injection into the signal line enabling effective checking of the level of noise immunity.
  • Signal line bundle of a maximum of 26 mm


  • Input voltage: 4000V max.
  • Input pulse width: 50ns - 1μs
  • Dimensions: (W)350 x (H) 120x (D)130 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 3 kgs


  • CA-805B main unit (1 pc).
  • Coaxial cable for input/output 1.5m/ Model: 02-00025A (2 pcs.)
  • Instruction manual (1 pc.)