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Coupling Adapter CA-805B

CA-805B will be able to test the noise immunity by only coupling the cable of the electronic device by combining our tester. (Coupling ratio 1: 1)


  • Noise can be injected without disconnecting signals, DC, AC, GND, etc.
  • Noise immunity of electronic devices can be tested separately.
  • Since noise can be injected directly into the signal line, etc. noise immunity can be effectively tested.
  • Signal bundle wires with a maximum outer diameter of up to 26 mm can be coupled. Since noise can be coupled directly, noise immunity can be effectively tested.


Item Specifications
Input voltage 4000V MAX
Coupling type Capacitive coupling

(W)350 x (H)475 X (D)400mm / Approx.3kg

Clamp's inner diameter 26mm