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Coupling Adapter CA-806(15-00007A)

CA-806 will be able to test the noise immunity by only coupling the cable of the electronic device by combining our impulse noise simulator. (Coupling ratio 10: 1)


  • Noise can be injected without disconnecting signals, DC, AC, GND, etc.
  • Noise immunity of electronic devices can be tested separately.
  • It has a built-in terminating resistor.
  • Since noise can be combined directly, noise immunity can be tested efficiently.



Item Specifications
Structure Magnetic field coupling noise injection clamp
Input voltage 2000V MAX
Input pulse width

50ns 〜 1000ns

Coupling type Magnetic field coupling
Coupling ratio 1/10 ± 10% of input voltage
Termination resistance Built-in 50ohm system
Maximum diameter of clamp cable 27mm
Dimensions / Weight (W)89mm x(H)64mmX(D)120mm (include protrusion)
Approx. 1000g