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Coupling Adapter Model CA-806(15-00007A)

The generated pulses are coupled to the EUT power lines through the injection circuit integrated with the INS simulator.  For coupling to all other external interface cables such as communication, signal, I/O, control, this optional item is a must.  As an inductive coupling adapter, which is based on the transformer principle, the circuit in the coupling adaptor works as the primary winding and the cables under test which are surrounded by the adaptor work as the secondary.  

  • Easy noise injection.......By only clamping power or signal lines this probe provides an noise injection test without connecting to the lines directly.
  • Diameter 27mm...... Accommodates cables to be tested up to 27mm.
  • Coupling ratio 10:1......Coupling ratio of 10:1, widely used in Automotive electronics industry.


  • Input voltage: 2000V max.
  • Input pulse width: 50ns - 1μs
  • Terminator: Built-in 50 ohm terminator
  • Coupling ratio: 10:1
  • Diameter for clamping cable: 27mm max.
  • Connector: NMHV type
  • Dimensions: (W) 64 x (H) 89x (D)120 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 1 kgs


  • Connection cable NMHV(P)-NMHV(P) (1 pc.)
  • Instruction manual (1 pc.) 


NOTICE: When the CA-806 is used with INS-400 or INS-4400 series Simulator, an optional cable is required.